Pay Per Post Plugin

Pay Per Post Plugin
  • Restrict Number of Posts
    • With the Pay Per Post Plugin, you can restrict the number of free posts someone accesses before forcing a login. This is a great way to gain visitors and loyal subscribers to your site. It’s also a terrific way to build an email list.
  • Charge Per Post
    • With this plugin, you’ll be able to charge per individual post. You’ll be able to set prices for each category which saves you tremendous time especially if you have a lot of content. You can either set a category as a FREE category where all posts will be free for your visitors to view or you can set a price. A post can be attached to multiple categories and our plugin will automatically detect what to do, to benefit you.
  • Simple Paywall
    • With the Pay Per Post Plugin, you’ll easily be able to monetize your content. The user will simply enter their email and payment information to unlock the post. You’ll collect payments seamlessly. Unlike other plugins, the user can pay through credit card via Stripe or through PayPal.

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